Wednesday, 28 June 2017



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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Seed Survivor Truck

Today the Seed Survivor truck came to our school.  We spent two periods exploring and learning about seeds and soil.  
In the truck there are a lot of different interactive games that we could play with that helped us learn about soils and plants. 
There was a demonstration of how the water cycle worked.  

We also learned how clay and sand are not so good for growing plants.  Plants need phosphates to grow and we learned that this has come from crushed fossils.  We also learned the percentage of water that covers the earth, which is 70%.  Only 7% of the earth produces food.  

Here are some things that we liked

MADY and BROOKE: We both liked how we got to play the games in the truck.
AUBRIE and AMANDA: We both liked planting the sunflower plant.
CHASE and JACK: We both liked the activities, the presentation and playing inside the trailer. 
ERIK and JOEL: We both liked learning stuff that we did not know. 
MICHAEL: I liked learning that there is only 7% of the earth produces food.
ABANY: I liked everything.
ALEXANDER: I liked how we got to learn about seeds and soil.
CHLOIE: I liked the mini screen/slide show that you could control inside the trailer. 
YUNA: I liked that the games were about plants and they were really fun. 
ETHAN: I like planting our own plants.
DIEGO: I liked how we got to learn about plants soil. 


Sunday, 30 April 2017


This past week we wrote a bilingual book (both in English and in French) for students who live in Haiti.  Mme asked our parents to share some pictures of us at home.  This was a neat project.  We hope that you enjoy our book. 

Monday, 17 April 2017


Today we had both Roots of Empathy and TIA.  

Baby Adele is getting so big.  She is starting to stand.  We shared with her the nursery rhymes that we wrote for her.  She really liked them. 

Today was our second TIA visit.  We worked hard on our face creations.  We also learned how to do different paint strokes.  We cannot wait for you to see our final projects in the coming weeks.  

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Today we reflected on the learning that we had done with Pam over the past 3 weeks.  WE LOVED having Pam join our family.  We learned so much about each other during our talking circles. 

Joel: "I had a lot of fun during the times that Pam came to our class. I learned about how when you take from Mother Earth you need to give something in return."
Laina: "It was really educational and the things I learned about the most were how to smudge and the 7 Sacred Teachings."
Aaron: "I liked when we got to smudge and learn about the 7 Sacred teaching.  I also like sharing the book we made with Pam."
Ethan: "I liked when we smudged and ate the bannock. I also liked learning about the 7 Sacred teachings."
Alexander: "I liked when we got to eat Bannock and learning about the 7 Teachings."
Abbey: "I liked that we got to smudge and that Pam brought us bannock."
Abany: I like everything and my favorite part was the smudging and the bannock."
Amanda: "I liked everything and mostly I liked learning about all the things in the Indigenous culture."
Chloie:"I liked everything, especially eating bannock."
Mady: "I liked when she brought a bunch of things and we got to learn about them."
Diego:"I liked that we got to learn about the 7 Sacred Teachings and also making the crafts."
Raine: "I liked when she brought her turtle shell."
Michael: "I liked when we got to make the trees, have bannock and smudging."
Brooke: "I liked when she read books to us and my favorite one was Shi-shi-etko."
Erik: "I liked when she brought sage and when she read us all of the books."

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


First we started our Talking Circle with BANNOCK.  Pam made us bannock and brought butter and jam.  IT WAS SO YUMMY!  

Then we smudged.  Smudging is when you cleanse the air and your body with smoke.  Today we used the smoke from SAGE.  Joel says that the smell is similar to when you start a bonfire.  When we smudge we start with our hands, then our head, our ears, our eyes with them closed, our throat, our heart and lastly our whole body.   It was a very calming experience

Raine liked the bannock.
Aaron liked how we got to eat bannock and then we smudged. 
Brooke liked when we smudged.

Ethan and Chloie both felt calm when they smudged.
Joel felt warm inside when he smudged. 
Abbey felt good when she smudged. 
Diego felt steady when he smudged. 
Amanda felt very very calm when she smudged. 
Michael felt awesome when he smudged.
Brooke felt lucky that she got to smudge. 
Smudging made Mady feel brave. 
Alexander felt awesome when smudging.  

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Why Should We Have a Talking Circle?

Today in our talking circle Pam read us the book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, Susan Jeffers and Chief Seattle.   The book was about that we belong to the earth and the earth does not belong to them.  It also spoke about how what we do to the earth has a direct impact on us.  

We then talked about reasons for which we could have a talking circle in our class.  Some of the reasons that we came up with are:
Share how we are feeling.
Problems at recess.
Problems at home.
To learn more about our classmates.
To create a family in our classroom.
To talk about what is good and what is bad.
To talk about issues that may come up that may affect us.

Ethan liked the book that we read. 
Mady liked how Alex brought his rock to share with us. 
Abany liked everything about todays talking circle. 
Brooke liked when we made the list of reasons for talking circles with Pam
Erik liked when we were talking about YouTube challenges. 
Yuna liked that Joel brought another wooden shelf that his sister made. 
Diego liked that we got to talk about our feelings today.
Amanda liked that we spoke in French a little. 
Michael liked the book.
Chloie liked the rock that Alexander brought. 
Joel like sharing the videos that he likes to watch.
Aaron liked everything.